Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wow What a Surprise

What a surprise I got from my son. His son is coming down to where we live. Why you ask is this a surprise, well I haven't seen my grandson for eight years.
When he got the divorce from his first wife it was a mess. She put so many things into the divorce papers. Well he tried to fight but the laws are still with the mother. I am not saying that some woman should or should not get the children. Although they shouldn't get so many restriction on the other person. Wither it be the father or mother, I am also saying that these are normal person.
So anyway I got off there for a moment. I am so happy to see him he is only her for two days. That is all she will give my son. Hey two days is enough. And it is Mothers day to boot.
So this will be a short note and I go and get ready to see my grandson. If I had know sooner I would have knitted him a scarf in his football colors. Maybe I will and then send it to him for Christmas. Last year they had so much snow that is what awful.
It was just cold down here and good weather to sit and knit.
See you all soon and I will let ya's know how it went. Happy Birthday Damin.

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lindalovestostitch said...

I hope you had a great time with you grandchild!