Friday, May 9, 2008

What a night

I can't believe what a night thunderstorms almost all night. Thank goodness I can sleep through them. We also had a chance of Tornadoes and that is what scared me most. But I went to sleep and never heard more. Of course if you could have seen the dog my little dachshund. um not so little we feed her to much. Anyways she was just buried into my stomach and would not go anywhere else.
Poor baby she is so afraid of thunderstorms. So much so that we have to come home if we are out just for her. She pees she gets so scared. If I am there she just gets into my lap and shivers.
So this morning no more rain so far and she had to be carried out remember she thinks it is still raining out there. Heavens can't get wet. She is a big baby that I can tell ya. So she went out and did her thing as fast as a dog can.
At least now I can get some knitting done. No more dog in my lap..........hehehehe.
I am almost done my shawl and I don't think I like it. I bought the prettiest Raspberry color yarn. It is merion and I don't think it will have a big enough drape on it. Oh well I just ordered a book and it has a great shawl in there. I have wanted to knit it for a long time now.
I'll keep ya in touch with it.


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