Monday, January 2, 2012

Spinning Now

Well it has been so long since I have done anything to this blog. I am still living in Virginia and hating it. We went to Florida this year for Christmas and really want to move down there. This is the year 2012 what will happen who knows.
Lets see now I have a new hobby that has taken over my life, spinning it is great. I just decided to try it and found that I am pretty good at it. In fact I did try a spindle and that was awful. Just could not get it. Why in heavens sake I thought that spinning would work out I don't know. Well I am good at it and it keeps my days going.
Poor Ken I drag him to all the fiber festivals around here. We get Two every year, this time I am going to buy myself a whole fleece. I have come close to buying some and then don't. I think that I will get had some people will do ya in. I did have that happen but at least it was only ten dollars I lost. I love buying the raw wool and cleaning it and then spinning it. What a trip it can be I just love the whole process.
I have made some nice friends on Raverly thank goodness for the internet and I can talk all day about fiber and spinning. Ken doesn't mind but I do bore him about it.
He bought me my first wheel a Ladybug which I love. Then I decided that an espinners would be great to have. My goodness they are way to expensive for me right now. So I looked around and found Heavenly Handspinning. They make very good wheels and espinners and I could afford it. That is what I like look around and sometimes it works out.

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